Site Carpentry Level 2


The Level 2 Diploma in Site Carpentry is designed to develop the skills and knowledge of students, enabling them to work in the industry in their chosen craft.

It has been specifically developed for delivery in a training environment using simulated conditions, and the tests are based on the learner showing what they can do as an individual through the completion of all the requirements of the qualification.

Site Carpentry offers the following main units of training:

Practical skills include:

  • Employing good Health and Safety practice in the workshop
  • Understanding timber and man-made sheet materials
  • Practice good carpentry disciplines in the workshop and simulated environments
  • Use and maintaining carpentry hand-tools
  • Maintain and use Power Tools
  • Carry out set test pieces (see practical units below)


Students will continue to advance their carpentry skills through a series of training using rigs and simulated real life situations. This will include flooring, timber studwork, hang and furnish doors, trussed roofs, fitting kitchen units and general maintenance of guttering.

Theory units include:

  • Health, safety and welfare in construction and associated industries
  • Understanding information, quantities and communication with others
  • Understanding construction technology

Practical units include:

  • Carry out first fixing operations
  • Carry out second fixing operations
  • Carry out structural carcassing operations
  • Carry out maintenance to non-structural carpentry work

This is part of the CSkills Award, Diploma in Site Carpentry and is a qualification recognised by the Construction Industry.




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