Overhead Crane

The Objectives of the course: 

  •  Operate safely and correctly in accordance with manufacturers manual and instructions and accepted good practice.
  • Operate the crane safely in response to given tasks and signals.
  •  Carry out daily maintenance.
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of crane terminology.
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of signs given by slinger signaller.
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of responsibilities under relevant legislation.
  •  Recognise defects and hazards that affect crane motions.
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of lift plans.
  •  Position the crane hook for a lift.











 Course Summary:

  • Relevant regulations/legislation Crane terminology
  • Slinging and operating to signaller s guidance
  • Overhead crane operation Parameters of use
  • Limitations of use
  • Lifting accessories

All candidates will complete the NPORS assessment and on successful completion will be issued with an NPORS Operators Card.

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